Knock In Diamond Shoes

Floorex Knock in Diamonds - get the F Series Advantage Today!

Floorex® knock-in diamond shoes lets you have the best of Floorex F-series diamonds on your Schwamborn or Husqvarna or diamond grinders or any machines with Redilock and Schwamborn plates.

Get the best tooling experience for your Schwamborn or Husqvarna diamond grinder machine today!

Why don’t we have a Meteor 250mm Knockin segment adapter? – Glad you asked! We believe that the knockin segment concept on the Meteor 250 is not economical given the simplicity of the tried and proven 10 inch cup wheel.

In addition, because of the typical weight and height difference we have found that using knockin segments system on a Meteor also leads to problems with with poor performance, geometry and user experience.

Use 10″ Cup Wheels for best user experience.

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