Dust Bin and Longopac Bags

Dust Bins and Longopac Bags – Effective Solutions for Waste Management

Waste management is a vital aspect of all work industries because it helps maintain safety on the job site and also helps protect the workers’ wellbeing. In construction projects, one particular area of waste management that needs special attention is dust control. Tools like dust collectors and air scrubbers must be used to keep the air breathable and free of harmful contaminants. To ensure that these machines work properly, you should also make sure that you always have enough dust collector bags on hand.

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Why Use Dust Bins and Longopac Bags

Dust might seem harmless, maybe annoying at most, but the truth is that it can cause far more serious problems than many people realise. Construction dust can lead to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, silicosis, and even lung cancer. Not to mention, they can also seep into the crevices of sensitive machines, causing them to break down.
So why should you use dust bins and Longopac bags? Simple – to prevent all these potential problems from happening. With these very simple plastic dust extractor bags, you can save a lot on equipment maintenance but more importantly, you can even save someone’s life!

Choosing the Right Bags for Your Machine

They might look all the same but dustbins and vacuum bags come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. It is important that you check which particular bags are compatible with the kind of dust separator equipment that you have. Another important feature to consider is the toughness of the material. It should be able to hold the considerable weight of accumulated dust and other particles, and thick enough to be tear-resistant. Concrete dust typically has a bulk density of around 1.8kg per litre.

Here at Floorex Products, we have bags that are perfectly compatible with popular machines like the CPS-2450 Blue Cyclone Separator, and the CPS-6550 Cyclone Separator. We also have bags suitable for the following machines: DM-2660, DM-2670, DM-2680, DM-2780, RP-2000, RP-3000, and RP-4000.

The bags are available in convenient packs of 10. For larger scale construction projects, we also have them in rolls of 250. Choose the right package that is perfect for your operation. Make sure you never run out of quality dust collector bags and order from Floorex today!