Temporary Wall & Floor Protection

Best Temporary Wall and Floor Protection Products in Australia and NZ

Temporary walls and protective floor coverings are amongst the most important elements of construction safety, not just for your workers but also for the other people in the area, as well as certain parts of the building that might be susceptible to damage while the project is ongoing.
As the premier provider of concrete surface preparation products in the country, we at Floorex fully understand the importance of using temporary walls and floor protection products. That is why we provide you with everything you need to install these protective gear properly.

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Importance of Using Temporary Wall Protection during Construction

One of the primary uses of temporary walls is to confine construction dust and other dangerous substances within the site and keep it from contaminating the air outside, causing potential harm to other people in the area.

These walls are especially useful for small construction work within an office building or a retail store, where it is business as usual for other occupants of the building. For such needs, Floorex offers a range of high quality tools and supplies that you can use for installing temporary office walls, retail barrier protection, and the best movable walls Brisbane has to offer.

Importance of Using Temporary Floor Protection during Construction

Temporary floor protection, on the other hand, will keep your floor safe from damage during construction, like paint stains, or cracks and dents from falling objects. Likewise, protective floor covering also allows workers to walk in the area without fear of causing damage.

To keep these coverings in place, you might need to use a strong adhesive such as specialised heavy duty tape, which you can find here in the Floorex catalogue.

Choosing the Right Products

They might not be a part of the final outcome of your project but there is no question that temporary wall and floor protection products are vital for ensuring quality results and the safety of workers during the construction process. Buy your products from Floorex to make sure that you get the most trusted and most reliable temporary walls and floors in all of Australia and New Zealand.