Floor Screeds & Toppings

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Quality Floor Screeds & Concrete Toppings to Create a Flawless Floor Finish

There are several steps involved in creating the most beautiful flooring for your space. You need to ensure that these steps are followed properly and that you use only the best concrete floor topping products. Before you lay down your floor topping of choice, you need a level and stable base to lay it on. That is where flooring screeds come in.

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What Are Floor Screeds and Toppings?

Floor screeds are the cementitious topping that makes up the layer that serves as the foundation for the floor finish. In other words, this is the next topmost layer of flooring on which you are to lay down your tiles, vinyl, wood planks, or whatever final flooring solutions you decide on.

Generally, a floor screed would be a cementitious floor topping material consisting of a mixture of 1 part cement to 3 or 4 parts of sharp sand or similar material. It is poured on a prepared ground floor slab or a precast floor unit made of concrete.

Different Types of Flooring Solutions

As the leading supplier of all flooring solutions, Floorex Products offers you the best screeds and concrete toppings for all residential and commercial needs. Our selection includes several fast-drying floor levelling compounds that are suitable for a wide range of floor finishes, including wood and CFC subfloors. If you are working with a porous substrate, we also have a concentrated primer to give you an even better result.

Floorex also gives you several gorgeous marble stones and granite stones that you can mix in with the levelling compounds, creating unique screeds and overlays that are polishable. Choose from the Riverina, Keyneton and Austral granite, or go with the more subdued tones of the Belvidere or the Angaston pink marble.  With the pretty patterns, the combination of the stones and the screed itself can serve as the floor finish.

Get the Best Floors with the Right Floor Screed Products

So now you know – using high quality floor screeds is one of the secrets to achieving the perfect flooring you have always wanted. Shop from the Floorex range today and get the flawless floors that you deserve!