Used & Demo Equipment

Used & Demo Equipment for Construction

At first, it might not seem like a good idea to buy used or second-hand equipment. Why buy a used one when there are plenty of brand new products to choose from, tight? But in the construction industry, you will find that there are actually several great reasons why a used concrete grinder, for instance, second-hand floor scrapers or concrete mowers for sale, might be a much better choice.

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Benefits of Purchasing Used or Demo Equipment

The most obvious benefit of purchasing used tools or machines in construction is the monetary savings. Construction equipment usually costs several thousands of dollars when brand new. If you are lucky enough to find the machines you need in a used equipment catalogue with a much lower price tag, it’s certainly worth considering.

Other significant benefits of buying used equipment are a much smaller lead time, smaller losses due to depreciation, and better resale value when you decide to sell eventually. Also, by opting for used or demo equipment, you are doing the planet a favour by helping to minimise landfill waste.

What to Look for When Buying Used & Demo Equipment

In order to enjoy the benefits that we mentioned above, it is important that you choose your used equipment wisely. You must realise that not every used concrete grinder for sale can still deliver optimal performance. Some might have already been damaged or extremely worn down.
Careful inspection is necessary before you make a purchase. Ask about the equipment’s service history and operating hours. Take a close look at the crucial systems and ask for a test run to see how well the machine performs. Most importantly, you should consider only reliable companies when you do go shopping for used or demo equipment.

Quality Used Machines at Floorex Products

Here at Floorex, we always have a large selection of high quality and well-maintained used equipment in our inventory. If you are looking for a Floorex grinder for sale or a concrete scarifier for sale, you won’t be disappointed because we have plenty for you to choose from.
Enjoy huge savings without sacrificing the quality of your work output. Take a look at our used and demo equipment and pick the ones that you need for your construction projects!