Floor Scrapers

Top Quality Floor Scrapers for Construction

A floor scraper is a handy tool that can be very valuable for any floor stripping job. The purpose of these machines is to remove tiles, vinyl, linoleum, bonded carpet, or any other material that has been previously installed on the floor. A floor scraper machine is especially useful in many construction projects, or if you want to simply change the style of your floor.


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Why Are Floor Scrapers Necessary?

Just imagine trying to remove each individual tile or a well-bonded carpet from even a single room in the house. This would be a laborious and time-consuming job if you do it manually. A floor stripper machine is specially designed to let you finish the job faster and much more safely. Also, they will produce a cleaner and smoother result with less effort.

Different Kinds of Floor Scrapers and When to Use Them

There are plenty of floor scrapers in the market and they can be classified into three main categories – light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. The light-duty ones are meant primarily for cleaning purposes, such as for removing food stuck to the floor. For construction purposes, you would require a heavy-duty floor removal machine. If part of the job is to resurface concrete flooring, you would need to find a good concrete scraper or grinder.

The Floorex catalogue features a couple of convenient hand floor scrapers that are convenient and portable but also delivers high performance. These smaller tools are useful for tight areas that a bigger ride on floor scraper would not have access to.

We also have a range of top-of-the-line industrial quality ride on floor removal machines that packs up to 55 hp of power and is capable of finishing bigger areas in less time.

Quality Tools Mean Quality Results

If you want to achieve perfect removal of floor coverings such as vinyl, composite tiles, ceramic tiles, carpet including Flotex & much more, it is vital that you invest only in a high quality floor stripping machine. Browse the Floorex catalogue and pick from our carefully chosen products, each of which is guaranteed to give you a perfectly smooth floor that you can be truly proud of!