DustMaster DM-2780-M Dust Extractor

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Dustmaster 2780-M Machine with 3 X 1250W Motors (15A), Continuous Bag System (Hose not included)

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The Floorex® DustMaster® series dust extractors have been specially designed to handle demands of concrete preparation industry which has high loading fine dust. These amazing dust collectors also can be used to control and collect wood dust in woodwork and carpentry industries.

Dust extraction in our industry is often more important than the actual grinding itself. Without it, we could breathe the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health.

Featuring 3 Motors, performance is amazing. The Longopac Bagging system makes handling and disposal of hazardous dusts much easier.

Performance is maintained by the Rotary Filter Cleaning System. This system is activated using the rotary switch on the control panel an it deep cleans the filter whist the vacuum motors are off, releasing the dust build up on the large single filter cartridge.

This Rotary Filter Cleaning System is very effective and takes only 10-20 seconds to perform the deep clean. You may never have to remove the filter to clean it again, keeping your job and your lungs cleaner!

The DustMaster vacuums have a single durable toggle switch for each motor meaning there is no electronics to give trouble.

This machine has been tested extensively and has proven to be reliable and rugged, and the main body construction is almost entirely made from quality steel which is powder coated or chrome plated ensuring it will last the distance.

One major advantage of the DustMaster® series dust extractors is that due to its unique filter cleaning system, it does not require the restriction of hoses to work effectively like many other designs.

This vacuum comes with no hose or floor tool. add your accessories as needed below

With an M Class PTFE filter, 99.95% DOP test, and a Secondary Filter to H13 99.99% DOP Test.

Warranty is 12 months covering manufacturer’s defects (does not cover brushes on the motor which have an estimated life of 600 hours)


DustMaster – DM-2780 – Overview

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Flow Rate


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50mm Push On, 75mm Hose Tail

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1 review for DustMaster DM-2780-M Dust Extractor

  1. Andrew

    I didn’t want to post a review until I had been using this machine for a while.. I have liked competitor machines before, but they didn’t last long enough. Also I had to clean their filters and I got over the pump style cleaning quite quickly. These machines live up to the Floorex name, Quality and usability. I also love the finger cleaning system and I don’t have to open the filters up to clean etc.. Thanks Guys!!

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