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The CPS-65-200 Cyclone Separator is designed to fit on top of a 44 Gallon Drum (or 205 Litre) and allows you to contain hazardous dusts and dispose of it in drums.

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CPS-65-200 Supa Separator lid to fit 200 Litre steel drums or commonly known as 44 Gallon Drums.

This Separator head allows you to separate the majority of dusts and other debris into a drum before it reaches the Vacuum machine saving the filter and allowing you to contain the dust in drums for suitable disposal.

  • Supplied as a Lid only (no drum)
  • Suits standard removable lid drums.
  • Separates up to 90% of dust.
  • Can be used for separation of many different problem materials including water and insulation.
  • Check your specialist for application specific details and recommendations.
  • Clear labels on Air in & Air out
  • Cable management device keeps your cable to the grinder with the separator.
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